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Transition into university life

At Monash Arts we realise that the transition into university can involve serious academic, social, and environmental changes. During orientation and throughout the year, we offer a range of programs, services and extracurricular events to help students successfully negotiate the transition into university life.


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How University is different from High School

University is a chance for students to become independent. It is the transition point between student and adult, and it is a learning process. The first year of university will always be challenging as students transition not only from the type of study they do, but also the type of lifestyle they lead. This is why it is important for both first year students and their parents to understand the differences between university and high school.

31 July 2019

Cheat Sheet for Commencing Arts at Monash

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University is an experience that comes loaded with hype. As the job market gets increasingly competitive, tertiary education is becoming more of an assumed sequence in our lives, rather than a fully-realised choice.

Testimonials for our Peer Mentoring Program from Incoming Monash College Students

As a Monash University 2nd year student, it would have really been hard for me to cope if I hadn’t heed the advice of my PAL mentor, Varsha Balakrishnan. Monash College was a breeze for me and I foolishly expected the same standards to apply to the University life as well.

Special Consideration – What do you need to know?

Special Consideration is an extension you can apply for that may be granted if you meet certain requirements for any assessments including exams. Special Consideration should not be confused with a simple two day extension which tutors grant via a request.

Monash University news

Increasing your employability

Increasing your employability can seem tough, but there are many opportunities out there, far beyond grades, that will assist you!

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