First in the Family

Are you the first of your generation to attend University?

The Arts First in the Family is a program for Arts students who are the first of their generation to attend University.

Students who are First in the Family often face unique challenges such as moving from the country to the city, having families who may not be as supportive or do not understand why they would want to attend university, and they may not have a support group who understand the challenges they face at university.

First in the Family Program is here to support you, help you make new friends and give you a head start towards achieving your goals.

Who is eligible for the First in the Family program?
  • students with parents or guardian who did not complete post secondary education.
  • students with sibling(s) who have attended post secondary institutions, but your parents or guardian did not
What does the First in the Family program offer?
  • a chance to meet new friends with similar interests and backgrounds at social events
  • an opportunity to gain expert knowledge in your area of study from an academic mentor
  • survival tips, support and meet new friends through a social mentor and seminars
How to register for the program?
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