Increasing your employability

Increasing your employability can seem tough, but there are many opportunities out there, far beyond grades, that will assist you! Firstly, get your hands on whatever work you can find. Create a resume and start applying for as many jobs as you can find. Seriously, apply to 50 places and you’ll get calls back from a few. Don’t be disheartened by this ratio, everyone has to go through it when they apply for their first job. Once you’ve had a bit of work experience employers will warm up to the idea of employing you in the future. The Career Connect office in campus centre will help you sort out your resume, so approach them for help!

Paid work isn’t the only way to go. Volunteer in your community to improve the look of your resume and the chances of getting employed. There are plenty of mentoring opportunities available through your faculty and the university. Use google to find youth organisations such as AIME and UN Youth Australia which provide numerous volunteering opportunities.

If you’re worried about your communication skills, speak to as many people as you can. A great way to meet new people is to join clubs and societies at Monash. Once you get involved in a club apply to join the club’s committee – something else that will strengthen your resume and demonstrate to employers that you have various skills and experiences at your disposal.

Kapil Bhargava