Special Consideration – What do you need to know?

Special Consideration is an extension you can apply for that may be granted if you meet certain requirements for any assessments including exams. Special Consideration should not be confused with a simple two day extension which tutors grant via a request. Special Consideration is a bit more than just an extension.

Eligibility for Special Consideration lies on one of three main factors. Firstly, are you acutely ill? This is identified by your unfortunate admission to hospital as a result of physical or mental illness. Secondly, loss may occur. A death in the family or the breakdown of a relationship can cause unforseen hardship that interferes with your university study. Thirdly, it is possible that you may go through traumatic experience. You could be the victim of a crime, be suddenly unemployed or have your living arrangements turned upside down. These factors would make you eligible.

If you think you are eligible then you will have to provide supporting documentation to prove your situation. Evidence includes: medical certificates, death notices, police reports, authoritative letters from relevant practitioners such as psychologists or social workers and so forth.

Outcomes for Special Consideration will be determined by your teaching Faculty and you will never receive an adjustment of marks as a result of Special Consideration. To apply you should apply no later than two University working days after the due date of your affected piece of work.

This link will provide a more in-depth presentation of information for those of you who may need to apply http://www.monash.edu/exams/changes/special-consideration