Testimonials for our Peer Mentoring Program from Incoming Monash College Students

Siddharthen Rajasegaran (Peer Sem 2 2016)
Siddharthen (Peer 2016)

As a Monash University 2nd year student, it would have really been hard for me to cope if I hadn’t heed the advice of my PAL mentor, Varsha Balakrishnan. Monash College was a breeze for me and I foolishly expected the same standards to apply to the University life as well. As a result, I started struggling to handle the copious amount of materials to read and study.

I met Varsha, who was assigned to me as my mentor, and she impressed me with her passion to help a fellow undergraduate out. She took the time to explain to me how I can put my best foot forward as a student. I’ve asked for her help and patience on more than one occasion and she came through every single time. I would like to consider Varsha Balakrishnan as my friend more than as a mentor.

Varsha has always demonstrated an openness and empathy for my opinions, perspective and feelings and I’m pretty grateful to have such a highly insightful and sensitive individual as my mentor. I am extremely certain that Varsha is going to do great things in her future and she has my highest recommendation as a person and leader.

I’m really glad that Monash University has a PAL program to aid International Students such as myself in coping with University life and more. As an Introvert, I find it really difficult to make friends and I didn’t really know who to contact if I ever needed a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. The PAL program was, is and will always be a godsend for the thousands of others that face the same issue. With student leaders such as Varsha Balakrishnan as mentors, the PAL program is doing the necessary steps to integrate the International students into the community. From making a friend who willingly wants to hang out with us, not because they need to but because they want to. This makes all the difference in the world. Sign up for PAL, sign up for a PAL (Get it?)

Sharmini Jagathisan (Peer Sem 1, 2017)

Taking part in the PAL program was one of the best decisions I made during my transition from Monash College to Monash University. My Mentor was very engaged during the initial period and attended to any doubts I had. I attended various programmes such as the International Student Info session, which provided me with essential information as well as study tips to utilise the library. My favourite events included ‘Coffee and Cake @ taste baguette’ and the barbeques that were organised ever so often. Besides the free food, it provided an opportunity to chat and make friends with other like-minded students whilst escaping the daily grind.