Peers Ambassadors Leaders (PAL) program

What is the PAL program?

The Peers Ambassadors Leaders (PAL) program is designed for Arts students who want to connect more widely with the university community in ways that will benefit themselves and others.

Peer mentoring program for new Arts students

Whether you are a student commencing university for the first time, or a student transferring from another Faculty or University, having a mentor/guide at the start of your journey with Arts can help relieve some of the pressures of the first few weeks and months.

Ambassador program

Ambassadors are a central part of the PAL program. They serve as mentors to students transitioning into arts, and are the most visible members of the program assisting with faculty and university events such as orientation and open day.

Leader program

Leaders are critical to the PAL program. They provide structure and consistency to PAL and serve as role models to the entire program. They are valued for their original thought, their contribution to the structure of the program, and their role as ambassadors for the program in the greater community.

Apply now

Application form for new Arts students wanting to join the PAL Peer Mentoring program, and for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Arts students interested in applying for the Ambassador and Leader programs.