Leaders are critical to the PAL program. They provide core leadership of the PAL program, and serve as role models to students both in the program and across the Faculty. They contribute to the overall design and running of the PAL program, by leading various projects and activities, with the support of Faculty staff.

Leaders also represent the Arts Faculty by speaking at, or leading, activities at official events such as Orientation Week and Open Day. Leaders informally mentor the PAL Ambassadors cohort, and can also undertake a formal mentoring role with student peers if they wish.

Upon successful completion of the Leader Program, Leaders are recognised with a certificate and professional reference from the Student Engagement Team. as well as having their engagement in the program recorded on the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.

What do we ask Leaders to do?

Leaders are expected to:

  • Assist with organising, and running, the annual PAL Camp for Ambassadors and Leaders in mid-February.
  • Participate in various training and leadership workshops
  • Lead project teams and run activities for the PAL program
  • Lead Ambassadors in their duties for Orientation Week in February and July
  • Assist with Open Day (first Sunday in August)
  • Assist with recruitment of Peers and Ambassadors for following year
  • Speak at, or lead, activities for events such as Orientation Week in February and July, and Open Day (first Sunday in August)
  • Mentor and guide cohort of Ambassadors throughout the year.


  • Formal peer mentoring role – mentor and guide student peers throughout the year.


  • A minimum WAM of 65, and good academic standing, is required.

As well as this, applicants for PAL Leader role must have served as an Ambassador for at least one year, or have relevant community engagement experience.

Applications for Leader roles are conducted via a selection process, including an interview with Faculty staff.

How to apply

To apply, go to https://www.monash.edu/about/mentoring/arts-peers-ambassadors-and-leaders


Emily – Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Student & Leader 2016

Over the past four years, PAL has enabled me to; help others, build a network, and develop my personal skills and attributes. As a Peer, Ambassador, and current Leader of the Program, I have found over the years that the people I met through PAL have become like a family to me. The personal development
training in areas such as leadership, communications, conflict management and mental health have better prepared me for the workplace. However, it was having the ability to help others – whether it be a Peer, Ambassador or fellow Leader, is what willingly kept me involved in the PAL Program throughout
my whole degree.

Edwina Arms – Leader & Co-Facilitator 2016

I joined PAL as an Ambassador in 2014 to share my experiences and to give new students a helping hand to transition smoothly into university life. Attending Orientation Camp was a great experience – I got to know everybody in the program really quickly and we were thoroughly trained in mentoring, communication,
cultural competency and teamwork. In 2015, I’ve been in the role of Leader in the Development Portfolio, organising guest speakers to present monthly on topics like leadership, mentoring and career planning, as well as general running of the program with the other Leaders and Co-Facilitators. I really
appreciate that PAL is student-led and by far the most valuable part of the program for me has been the great friends I’ve made!

University is such an exciting, vibrant place not just to soak up knowledge and gain skills, but to meet people that will become lifelong friends, experience new things, to travel and to grow into the person you want to be! I’d hate for the difficulties ofadjusting to get in the way of a new student
discovering what a wonderful place Monash really is. Taking on a leadership role in a program like this is what can set you apart from your peers and I would encourage all Arts students to get involved!”

Lauren Dreyar – Bachelor of Arts and Leader 2015

During my two years in the PAL program, both as an ambassador and a leader, has been a challenging but rewarding experience. This year as a leader has enabled my individual leadership, organisational and social skills to develop. Yet being a member of the leadership team has been the most rewarding
aspect through being able to work alongside other leaders in creating an even better PAL program this year. As a mentor for two years, I have been able to meet a lot of first year students that are facing a variety of challenges at university. Being able to mentor a first year student throughout his
or her first year has been incredible in order to see how first year students are able to handle problems and adjust to university life with a bit of guidance when needed.