Essential Study Resources

Having the access to the latest resources can aid your study and make transitioning into university life a little easier. Here are a few helpful resources to make your study a little bit easier.

Library Resources

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Library Website – The library is a valuable resource for students. Not only does it have journals, books and articles for assignments, it also offers a variety of academic services which can be explored using this link.

Reading Lists – Most subjects have a reading list for the semester and this link will allow you to type in the unit code and view the reading for that unit. Just be aware that not every unit has a reading list uploaded to the site.

Library Drop-In Sessions – This link is for the library’s drop in services and it is a really great service come essay time. Use this service to pretty much drop in and get advice from the librarians regarding assignments. This link will give you all the information you need to attend one of these drop in sessions.

Major Essays:

Essay Writing Guide – Writing essays at university is a little different to high school; ideas need to be more developed and structured, and must be precise and easy for your tutor to follow. It sounds simple, but it can be a long process to getting an essay up to scratch.

Referencing – Referencing is serious business at university, so it’s important to get it right. This link gives you the referencing guides for most of the styles used within the university. However, not all styles will be listed and you might need to look elsewhere for them.

Writing in Arts – A difficult thing about university is that you usually have a wide variety of subjects. Each Lecturer/Tutor can have slightly different ideas about what they want from you when it comes to writing, and different disciplines may require a slightly different style (for example, a literature essay might require less secondary sources than a history essay).

Plagiarism – Things that you might not have considered plagiarism, like paraphrasing, can get you in a lot of hot water if they are not referenced properly. The take home message it to make sure you reference EVERYTHING and don’t be afraid of quotation marks when you cannot reword something sufficiently. You wouldn’t realise how much you plagiarise until you check this out.


Past Exams – This link is really helpful when starting to prepare for exams, as you can look up previous exams for a unit online. However, it is important to know that not every subject will have past exams listed and that the structure of the exam may have changed.

MULO (Monash University Lectures Online) – Sometimes things come up and you can’t make it to lectures, which have important content for exams. Don’t panic though, because many (but not all!) units record lectures so you can catch up with a nice cup of tea or coffee at home. While recordings are never as good or reliable as going to a lecture in person, they can be a useful alternative. They can also be a great revision resource, as by Week 11 a Week 2 lecture might seem a distant memory.

Issues and Advice

Special Consideration – Sometimes things happen that can make it difficult or even impossible for you keep up with assessments. Special consideration can help with this, but do check out the guidelines and requirements before you apply.

Student Rights – Student Rights Officers (SROs) can help you with nearly anything related to your studies and even beyond. This link provides you with outlines about all the issues that they can help you with.

Arts Faculty Page – This link is the one stop shop for all Arts news and opportunities. They have details for internships, overseas exchange and information about courses and units.