Bachelor of Criminology

Crime, how we define it, how we understand its causes, and the ways we respond to it provides, a window into a society’s challenges, values and aspirations.

The Bachelor of Criminology offers a world-leading program to equip you with the professional skills, specialist knowledge and key capabilities relevant to careers in a wide range of Criminology related fields.

There is an increasing global demand for graduates with a deep understanding of the role of crime in contemporary social and economic life, and well-developed professional skills in understanding global issues in crime.

Where this degree could take you

On completion of this course, you’ll be prepared to work in a broad range of professional domains, including private organisations in which Criminology specialist skills will provide a key competitive advantage:

  • Criminologist
  • Corrections officer
  • Jury consultant
  • Insurance fraud investigator
  • Cyber-security specialist
  • Victim support officer
  • Youth and family worker
  • Court support services case manager
  • Family violence applicant practitioner
  • Court registrar
  • Intake and assessment worker
  • Offender services manager
  • Intelligence assessment analyst
  • Policy and legal investigator
  • Border force officer

Monash Arts has over 76,000 alumni (graduates) across the globe, and working in a diverse range of industries. To read some of their stories and get an idea of what's possible, visit the Arts Alumni Career Journey website.

Study overseas

Broaden your mind with new ideas, new people, new experiences and new cultures.

Travel internationally through exclusive field trips and the Monash Global Immersion Guarantee. We have student exchange agreements with over 160 partner institutions in more than 35 countries across the UK, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Oceania and Asia, a study centre in Prato, Italy, and a campus in Malaysia, studying a semester or two in places like Norway, Japan, Germany and Mexico is easier than you think.

Industry experience

In the Professional Project units you will work closely with our industry partners, opening up new pathways and opportunities for your career, and capping off your Criminology study by bringing together all your knowledge and skills in your final year. The Professional Project features real life scenarios and your work will be assessed by both academics and industry.

There are further opportunities and internships available to you through Arts Internships, both in Australia and around the world, so you can get hands-on experience while you gain study credit.

Find out more about Arts internships.

The Bachelor of Criminology Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board work to keep the course current and relevant to current industry. The Board members have been hand-picked for their expertise and are instrumental to the industry.

Double degrees

Available double degrees with our Bachelor of Criminology:

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