Bachelor of Arts

Roam wide. Explore ideas, cultures and places. Be as broad or as specialised as you like in one degree.

Discover where a Bachelor of Arts can take you

Career options

The skills and knowledge you'll gain in a Bachelor of Arts are so versatile that you will use them in a wide variety of occupations. Here is a selection of future possibilities:

Flexibility and choice

Choose from over forty areas of study and specialisations. Discover untried talents and new interests. Major from day one or wait until second year when you’ve tried other options.

Study overseas

Stay sharp. Broaden your mind with new ideas, new people, new experiences and new cultures.

With partnerships with over 100 universities worldwide, a Centre in Prato, Italy, and a campus in Malaysia, you're spoilt for choice. And whether you go for two weeks or two semesters, there’s a program to suit your interests and needs.

Industry experience

We have partnerships for Arts Internships around the world. Get hands-on experience while you gain study credit. Open up new pathways and opportunities for your career.

Interdisciplinary research

Whether you’re pursuing a career in academia, industry or the not for profit sector, undertake research at an undergraduate level with the support of the Centre for Undergraduate Research Initiatives and Excellence (CURIE). CURIE provides a range of interdisciplinary research experiences that supplement your studies and expand your networks.

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