Global Immersion Guarantee Destinations

These four destinations present a multitude of resources for you to conduct your fieldwork, work with locals and experience first-hand the unique environmental and economic issues relevant to the areas. Again, remember, while you have a preference for your location, we can't guarantee you'll be allocated there.


If you're allocated to visit China, while based in the dynamic, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, you'll engage cross-sector to explore issues of sustainability through the economic, environmental and societal lens.

During your time in China, you will connect with the energetic youth and businesses in Shanghai influencing change.


If you're allocated to visit India, while based at the TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai, you'll be navigating the environmental challenges faced by India’s biggest and most populated city. While in India, you will work with local academics, non-government organisations and businesses to understand the impact that rapid urbanisation has had on the natural environment, and the communities that inhabit them.

During your time in India, you will be engaged with issues such as rural and urban development and the environment, the Indian response to climate change, intersectionality, the caste system and the impact of urbanisation, among others. You will spend time exploring the city and all its contrasts through seminars with local organisations and engaging with local students during a CLAP talk.


If you're allocated to visit Indonesia, you will travel to two of Indonesia's 18,000 islands to begin to understand how different communities can balance economic development and environmental sustainability.  Based initially at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta – the nation’s cultural capital – you will be introduced to some of the biggest environmental challenges faced by one Australia’s most important global partners.

In the second week, you and a small group will travel to either Jakarta or Denpasar.


If you're allocated to visit Italy, you will be based at the Monash Prato Centre. Here you will be exploring the evolving relationship between communities and the natural environment, and witness first-hand the impact that this has. You will be asked to think about how communities in Italy can balance the changing nature of economic and social development and environmental protection in some of the most widely visited places in the world.


If you're allocated to visit Malaysia, you will be based at the Monash Malaysia campus. Students will explore a number of sustainability challenges that are confronting contemporary Malaysia.