Projects & Partners

PhD topics

The projects described below will evolve as the PhD candidates commence their placements and work more closely with the partners to investigate the topic, the context and the situation. This page will be updated to reflect any changes.

PartnerProject and PhD Researcher

Project 1- Rebecca Stewart

Topic: Rewriting the rules of what it means to be a man.
Aim: To ditch the unspoken rules of manliness and explore the diversity of all the ways to be a man.

Project 2 - Jennifer Dam

Topic: Fostering knowledge translation between VicHealth collaborators.


Project 1 - Wing Hsieh

Topic: Reducing prejudice against migrants.
Aim: To design an intervention with potential to scale to reduce prejudice against migrants.

Project 1- Michaela Lang

Topic: Landlords aren’t very energy efficient with their rental properties.
Aim: To get more landlords to take on energy efficiency, not leave it up to the tenants.

Project 2 - Dominique McCollum Coy

Topic: Empowerment to the people: communities and the energy transformation.
Aim: To explore how to empower communities through renewable energy.

Project 3 - Melissa Hatty

Topic: Encouraging Victorians to connect with and protect nature.
Aim: To protect and enhance Victoria's natural environment by getting people out in it and loving it.

Project 4 - Kim Borg

Topic: Media & turning the social tide on plastic pollution
Aim: To understand how media can change social norms to encourage single-use plastic avoidance.

Project 1 - Fareed Kaviani

Topic: Smart phones are making us dangerous drivers.
Aim: To see which deterrents work and if new techniques are needed to stop illegal phone use while driving.

Project 2 - Kathie Pawluk De-Toledo

Topic: Tackling congestion on our roads - correlation between the level of information and influence on travel behaviour.
Aim: Get people out of one habit (cars) and into another (anything but cars).

Project - Corina Crisan

Topic: Community organisations can help prevent mental injuries.
Aim: To determine the structures for promoting community programs that can help improve workers’ mental health knowledge, coping strategies and help-seeking behaviours.


Project 1 - Lisa Wheildon

Topic: Driving policy change on gender-based violence.
Aim: To explore how victim-survivors can most effectively (and safely) inform public policy to prevent gender-based violence.

Project 1 - Joel Edwards

Topic: How to maximise the compliance of small and medium businesses with a duty of care for the environment.
Aim: To understand what motivates these businesses to do the right thing and adjust the design and application of regulatory tools to leverage those motivations.

Project 2 - Madeleine Thomas

Topic: Behind the scenes - Government risk communication for chemical pollution.
Aim: To explore the context, structures and practices that influence and comprise these communications.


Projects 1 - Eunice Wong

Topic: Improving patient-centred care in public health settings.
Aim: Changing medical interactions and processes so that patients are at the centre of healthcare.

Project  2 - Alexandra Waddell

Topic: Doctors can share decision-making when dealing with patients.
Aim: To train clinicians in making medicine something that is shared with patients, not done to them.