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Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative


Development of Gennaris was funded by a Special Research Initiative (SRI) grant from the Australian Research Council, which was created as result of the Australia 2020 Summit, held in Canberra in 2008. The original funding of $8 million was awarded to MVG in 2010 and supplemented by an additional $1.9 million in 2013.

Monash Vision Group's submission was led by a team that included Professor Arthur Lowery (Project Director), Professor Marcello Rosa (Deputy Director and leader of the preclinical team), Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld (Clinical leader), Dr Erol Harvey (Industry representative) and Dr. Elaine Saunders (project manager). During the 5 year SRI project, the creation and development of Gennaris was made possible by the critical contributions of the following individuals:

  • Professor Ramesh Rajan
  • Professor John Forsythe
  • Professor Lindsay Kleeman
  • Professor Mark Armstrong
  • Dr Anand Mohan
  • Dr Horace Josh
  • Dr Chun Wang
  • Dr Jeanette Pritchard
  • Dr Collette Mann
  • Dr Cristina Ciornei
  • Dr Leo Lui
  • Dr Damien Browne
  • Dr Micah Atkin
  • Dr David Fitrio
  • Dr Nic Price
  • Dr Dennis Lui
  • Dr Philip Lewis
  • Dr Edwin Yan
  • Dr Saman Hagh Gooie
  • Dr Emma Brunton
  • Dr Titus Tang
  • Dr Erol Harvey
  • Dr Wai Ho Li
  • Dr Helen Ackland
  • Dr Mathilde Escudie
  • Andrew Stephens
  • Mike Smith
  • Alistair Webb
  • Peter Bettonvil
  • Graham Lyford
  • Rafał Wadowski
  • Simone Carron
  • Kieran John
  • Matthew Solomon
  • Warwick Fifield

Click here to view annual reports that detail the MVG’s Special Research Initiative grant activities.