About us

Opening its doors in 2010, the MBBL has been utilised by academics and industry for a wide variety of research topics. As a multidisciplinary research facility located on the Caulfield campus, we have been successful in enhancing the School’s research capability with increased student awareness and exposure to research in the behavioural disciplines. Increased Doctoral students in the area of behavioural research and consolidated the university’s reputation as a regional leader in this field. Research projects to date have included:

  • Consumer emotions
  • Online shopping behaviour
  • Brand and pricing effects
  • Group decision making
  • Leadership and negotiation behaviour
  • Moral reasoning
  • Halal choice
  • Green spaces for human well being
  • Inhibition
  • International Auditing Standards
  • Role of investors’ neurocognitive profile on trading behaviour
  • Measuring attentional effort of managers
  • Investigating managerial reporting
  • Neurocognitive and neurophysiological correlates of professional scepticism
  • The influence of a large proxy advisor on investor’s decisions
  • Causal inference in judgement using the balanced scorecard

Statement of Purpose

To bring together the highest talent and greatest expertise in the field from across disciplines to help set the agenda and facilitate high quality and impactful multi-disciplinary behavioural research. The latter in particular by providing access to and stimulating usage of state-of-the-art technology as relating to behavioural research at the intersection of cognitive and neuroscience in applied and business contexts.

Past Grants

ARC LIEF Grant 2013

Consortium of staff members from Monash Business School, RMIT and Swinburne University in 2013 were successful in obtaining an ARC LIEF Grant to purchase a range of technologies to understand behavioural aspects associated with awareness and attention; risk taking; emotional states; time pressure effect perception and individual decision-making.