Our facilities

Our facilities include state-of-the-art software and hardware, as well as two discreet research areas which can accommodate up to 30 participants.

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In addition to the hardware mentioned below, each room is fitted with:

  • a WXGA overhead projector
  • a custom-built system providing a 360-degree room view
  • eight Dell High Spec Precision Tower workstations and 30 Dell Latitude laptops


Below you will find a list of our software applications, which are available in our labs.


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Borrowing equipment

Laptops and professional equipment such as Eye tracking, GSR/EDA, EEG devices might be loan-able to privileged researchers depending on their availability. An equipment loan form must be completed and sent to MBBL Administrators at buseco-mbbl@monash.edu, and approval must be notified to the borrower before taking the equipment out of the LAB. Borrowing items need to be returned on time or an extension request should be submitted to MBBL Administrators via buseco-mbbl@monash.edu by the due date. Please note that not all extensions can be granted depending on usage within the Lab.