Research TeamStudy Title
Harmen Oppewal, Kristian Rotatu, Ivo Vlaev, Lucy AlbertellaFinancial Capabilities - Monash Warwick Project
Bharati LeleConsumer Food Shopping
Elizabeth Bowman, Kristian Rotaru, Pablo Franco, Carsten MurawskiPupil size reflects computational complexity of decisions in humans
Jake Rose, Odkhishig Ganbold, Kristian RotaruIncreasing Reliance on Financial Advice with Avatars: Evidence from Eye Tracking and Pupillometry
Peter Bossaerts, Felix Fattinger, Kristian Rotaru, Kaitong XuEmotional Engagement and Trading Performance
Lucy Albertella, Marko Milicevic, Kristian RotaruLifestyle Habits, Stress and Cognition
Gregor Kennedy, Sophie Arkoudis, Deborah FittonThe Challenges of Engagement in Higher Education
Jiemiao ChenFiction reading, empathy, and sustainable consumption
Angela CruzExploring the Consumption of Esports Experiences
The anatomy of a transnational market culture: A practice theoretical analysis of K-pop
Yimin ChengCustomer Relationship
Coincidental Brand Narratives
Consumer Beliefs and Decision-Making (originally applied under Subjective Experience and Experiential Consumption but had to be replaced)
Subjective Experience and Experiential Consumption
Luke GreenacreProgress indicators
Hean Tat KehGod, Food consumption and Healthy lifestyle
Lee LawrenceIn validation of the buying craving questionnaire and relationships that compulsive buying has with boredom and dissociation
Bora MinCOVID control
Hidden gem
Information processing and consumption
Harmen OppewalConsumer food purchases
Consumer budgeting behaviour
Consumer trip planning
Crowdfunding and preselling as retail channels
Pingping QiuThe role of perceived empathy in service recovery
The role of moral emotions in sustainable consumption
Initiative climate - emotional exhaustion
The impact of facial expression in service recovery
Gerri SpassovaAdvice and emotions
Getting help from autonomous AI products: The effects of self-view, autonomy, and interface psychological distance on preference
Understanding the drivers of prosocial behaviour