Researcher Project titleNotes
Bharati Lele Survey and cognitive tasks on consumers' financial decision-making including shopping decisions PhD Project
Dr Bora Min, Prof. Hean Tat Keh Consumers' sustainable choices; 2019-2020 Monash Business School Seed Funding Scheme; AUD29,080
Dr Bora Min Online shopping study  
Fluency and new product study  
Music and novelty  
Choice study  
Green choice  
Product choice  
Dr Davide Christian Portals in consumer research  
Escaping Anhedonia  
Coincidental brand narratives  
Deborah Filton Survey study on the challenges of engagement in higher education PhD Project
A/Prof. Gerri Spassova Advice and emotions  
Prof. Harmen Oppewal Consumer budgetting behaviour  
Unit price usage and its effects on store image  
Stopover decisions  
Consumer trip planning  
Prof. Hean Tat Keh Mortality Salience and Healthy Behaviours  
God, Food consumption and Healthy lifestyle  
Lay Theories of Happiness and Consumption Behaviour  
Prof. Jake Rose Financial decision-making capabilities study  
A/Prof. Kristian Rotaru Transdiagnostic risk marker for impulsive and compulsive behaviours  
Lifestyle habits, stress, cognition and decision-making  
Study on financial planning, investor decisions and impulsivity  
Dr Lee Lawrence Effects of mood induction procedures: validating neutral video stimuli  
Dr Lucy Albertella COVID-19 Lifestyle and Wellbeing Survey Partially associated with MBBL
Dr Luke Greenacre (Yuming) Motivated Loyalty  
Dr. Phyra Sok Employee Personal Initiative 1  
Dr Pingping Qiu The Effects of Pride (Authentic versus hubristic) on Green Product Consumption  
Dynamic Self-view and Green Marketing  
Moral emotions in sustainable consumption  
Prof. Yelena Tsarenko Moral Reasoning  
Dr Yimin Cheng Visual Information and Consumer Response  
Consumer Beliefs and Decision-Making  
Subjective Experience and Experiential Consumption  
Consumer Movie Watching Decision