Make a booking

MonLEE is available for booking by staff members, graduate students, and visitors of Monash Business School. You can use the facilities to conduct research in experimental economics, as well as class-room experiments in units offered by the School.

All first-time users must read the information described below, and submit the registration form to acknowledge that you agree to accept these terms and conditions when using MonLEE for research and teaching activities.

Terms and conditions

  • MonLEE lab strictly prohibits any study that involves deception, which basically means providing false information to the subjects. If you are not sure whether your study involves deception, please contact the lab director to discuss.
  • Subjects usually expect to be paid in cash on site for their participation. If you use any other payment method, please discuss it with the lab director before you conduct any session.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the lab director and approval for access to the lab will be provided by the lab manager. If you are a visitor conducting research at MonLEE, you must acknowledge the use of MonLEE facilities in relevant working papers and published work.
  • At the end of each year, every user will be required to provide MonLEE with information regarding their usage of the lab. You will receive an email reminder towards the end of the year, requesting you to submit this information. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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