Message from the Head

Professor Carla Wilkin

The Department of Accounting is committed to continue the focus on excellence in both research and education. This is evidenced by our continued recruitment of thought leaders in our areas of specialisation; financial accounting, auditing, managerial accounting and accounting information systems (AIS). Supplemented by a robust annual distinguished visitor program which brings together prominent global scholars to exchange ideas and collaborate.

Our research explores innovative solutions to societal problems like the need for accounting professionals of the future to lead the shift in how intangible assets like value are created. It also poses the challenge to explore and devise innovative ways to monitor, nurture and report these assets, such as goodwill and sustainability.

In our fast-paced automated world where technology moves exponentially our graduates will have every opportunity during their studies to develop the expertise, vision and skills that will equip them to succeed in a changing workplace. A workplace of the near future where the boundaries between humans and machines is increasingly blurred.

Events such as our Monforma conference underpin a genuine desire to foster the exchange of ideas in the management accounting discipline. We are also fortunate to enjoy support from relevant industry partners across our endeavours with student leadership programs, industry placements, our advisory committee, student award events and teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We continue to innovate in teaching and learning and actively promote the early adoption of contemporary technology blended with transformative and interactive learning opportunities. This frequently means that students engage in supplemental activities outside of class and then the classroom becomes a flexible knowledge environment with non-traditional modes of learning driving how and when students learn.

Professor Carla Wilkin
Head of Department