Invitation for Female Accountants to participate in research

Female Accountants Well-being and the role of Organisational Voice, Emotional Labour and the interplay with Management Control Systems

Researchers from Monash Business School would like to invite female accountants to participate in their exploratory research. This would involve participating in a confidential survey taking around 25 minutes and will provide valuable information about the health of Australian female accountants and the extent to which they feel that they have the opportunity to assert voice in their organisation.

We're also interested in capturing the nature and extent of emotional labour attributable to female accountants in their jobs.

Each participant will go into the draw to win one of 125, $40 Coles-Myer vouchers.

Participants will also be invited to participate in an optional interview which will explore the role of management control systems and how they may be used to provide better outcomes for women in the workplace.  Any questions, please contact Dr Aleksandra Pop-Vasileva

Participate in the survey