ShopperSAT Monitor

Quarterly assessment tool of shopper satisfaction and experience

The ShopperSAT Monitor is a quarterly assessment tool that tracks shopper satisfaction. It provides Australian retail property owners with direct feedback about the shopper experience within and around the shopping centre through surveying shoppers who have visited the centre within the last three months.


  1. Benchmark individual centre performance against landlord average, regional category averages, and industry average;
  2. Determine the hierarchy of drivers of Satisfaction, Recommendation, Wellbeing and Self-Congruity;
  3. Assess centre satisfaction and experience across key business areas (i.e. ShopperSAT dimensions);
  4. Assess centre satisfaction and experience across a number of key business outcomes (e.g. Satisfaction);
  5. Assess centre experience across key centre-specific metrics (e.g. Retail Store RangeFood Option Range).


2019 marks the fourth year of the ShopperSAT Monitor assisting Australian retail property owners and managers by tracking and benchmarking shopper satisfaction. The ShopperSAT Monitor provides retail property owners and managers with a deeper understanding of shopper experience, satisfaction and behaviours at individual centres within their portfolio.

New measures available from Q2 2019 include insight to end to end journey to shopping centre (including travel time, location before and after visit, and mode of transport), total spend by retail category and security.

By assessing shopper satisfaction and experience, ShopperSAT Monitor identifies strengths of the centre, and specific areas of improvement for strategic development.


Approximately 2,500 recent shoppers rate their satisfaction and experience with up to three centres, resulting in over 3,000 individual centre assessments per quarter. Key metrics include business outcome metrics (i.e. Satisfaction, Recommendation, Wellbeing, Self-Congruity), ShopperSAT dimensions (e.g. Design, Food Offer, Retail Offer), and several attributes under each dimension (e.g. Cleanliness of food court areas under Food Offer). Statistical modelling identifies key drivers of each business outcome, building four ShopperSAT Models (Satisfaction, Recommendation, Wellbeing, Self-Congruity) and uncovering actionable areas essential to improvement.

Other shopper behavioural and attitudinal metrics are also assessed (e.g. Frequency of Visitation, CommunityCentre Integration). In addition, subscribers can add up to five short custom questions per quarter.


Each subscriber receives a quarterly PowerPoint report of their results, as well as quarterly verbatim files. In addition, subscribers have ongoing access to an interactive web portal.