TenSAT Monitor

Annual assessment tool of the head office landlord-retailer relationship

The TenSAT Monitor is an annual assessment tool which tracks and benchmarks landlord performance relative to other landlords. It provides Australian retail property owners and managers with a macro-view of landlord-retailers relationships by surveying head office staff; including Directors, General Managers, Leasing Managers and other relevant personnel from a wide range of retail organisations operating across different categories, sizes and geographic locations.


  1. Benchmark Australian retail property landlords on TenSAT;
  2. Determine the hierarchy of drivers of TenSAT for head office retailers;
  3. Assess landlord performance across key business areas (i.e. TenSAT dimensions);
  4. Assess landlord performance across a number of key business outcomes (e.g. Overall Satisfaction); and
  5. Identify areas that present the greatest opportunity to improve TenSAT with landlord Head Office.


2019 marks the seventh year of the TenSAT Monitor assisting the Australian retail property industry by tracking and benchmarking retailer satisfaction. The TenSAT Monitor provides landlords valuable information in understanding their relative positive in the market.

By assessing overall market and relative landlord performance, the TenSAT Monitor identifies competitive strengths, and specific areas of improvement for strategic development.


Retailers rate landlords across a variety of key metrics including business outcomes of Overall Satisfaction and Renewal Intention; TenSAT dimenions of Assets & Operations, Communication, Leasing & Negotiations, Marketing, and People; as well as several attributes under each dimension (e.g. Committed to developing long-term relationships under People). Statistical modelling identifies key drivers, building a TenSAT model and TenSAT score of landlord relationship performance and satisfaction among head office retailers, uncovering actionable areas essential to improvement.

Other business outcome metrics assessed are Likelihood to Recommend (Net Promotor Score), Perceived Performance, Industry Leadership and Ease of Doing Business. In addition, each subscriber can include up to three shot customer questions.


Each subscriber receives a detailed PowerPoint report of their results, including industry benchmarking, as well as a verbatim file. Additionally, subscribers will receive one presentation delivered by ACRS.