Mark West

Mark West

Mark West

What is your previous education and work background?
Having completed an undergraduate degree in Public Relations I built a career in integrated marketing communication across Banking, Retail and Infrastructure sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. I have also previously founded a number of small businesses in the digital media and design space.

Why did you decide to study the Executive MBA? What motivated you to embark on further studies?Making this kind of investment in myself, both time and money, was not an easy decision to make. But I saw the Executive MBA as a way to solidify my existing experience and give me broader knowledge, insights and confidence to extend my career into new areas.

What made Monash Executive MBA stand out? Why did you choose it?
I was drawn to the block-mode delivery of the Monash Executive MBA that allowed me to better manage life's other priorities. I also felt that Monash offered a more bespoke and collegiate learning environment, rather than a mass produced experience.

How do you think postgraduate study will help you to achieve your career goals?
I've always seen the Executive MBA as providing three core pillars of value – the academic curriculum, the certification and an extensive professional network. In all three, the Monash Executive MBA has met my expectations. The big surprise was that the program has given me a stronger framework for understanding myself and my priorities, reigniting my desire to make a difference in the world.

What networking opportunities have your studies provided you with? Have you been able to use these new connections in your professional or personal life?
There is a vast network of current and past students, as well as academic staff and guest speakers that students can call on. The challenge is finding time to leverage this network during the Executive MBA, however, I can see that this network will be valuable well beyond the life of my academic studies.

What areas or subjects of study did you enjoy the most and are there any areas or aspects of the programs that were challenging for you?
The holistic nature of the MBA means there's something in there to challenge everyone, no matter what your background. Like many others, I found the core financial, accounting and business subjects quite challenging but very valuable.

What strategies have you used to balance your studies with work, family and other commitments?
Prioritisation is key. From the very beginning you learn the value of maximising contact hours and being focused in group work sessions. Once you accept that, your ability to focus and prioritise takes a great leap forward.