Claire Impey

Claire Impey

Claire Impey

My undergraduate studies in Arts and Economics at Monash were fantastic and I enjoyed what I had learned but I didn't feel that I was quite finished with learning about economics yet.

I was still interested in developing my skills and knowledge in the area further before I started full-time work. The Master of Business Economics appealed to me as it seemed like a focused degree that offered an advanced insight and understanding into many diverse areas of economics. I've found Monash Business School to have a great reputation for leading edge knowledge, high calibre teaching, and delivering well-rounded graduates.

I think the Master of Business Economics has a fantastic balance of research opportunities and coursework.

The research units were fascinating and provided an interesting insight into the world of (guided) research, while the coursework units satisfied my hunger for theoretical learning. I think this balance is unique, and both areas have exposed me to facets of economics that I didn't even know existed twelve months ago.

So far my biggest surprise from my experience has been the amount I've learnt about myself and how much I have increased in confidence.

In choosing postgraduate study, I've made a commitment to my education, increased my passion for economics, and really taken initiative and responsibility for my professional learning and life. This attitude has helped me find opportunities, pursue experiences and probably the most enjoyably, made me (more) interested in what's happening globally in economics, outside of my degree. Feeling more professionally confident was one of the biggest personal changes I have seen, and it has been pervasive in all areas of my life and has had the biggest impact on how I network.

I've had some very diverse degree experiences so far; out of which my work placements have probably been the most rewarding.

There's nothing that motivates you like seeing what's possible because of your degree. There are so many opportunities out there, and finding an area that you're interested in and that you want to work towards absolutely drives your determination to do well. I absolutely encourage students to get involved with as much as they can in terms of the opportunities presented by Monash Business School, and as often as they can. They'll never regret it.

I think postgraduate study is a great middle ground between university education and the workplace.

Master's students are always expected to have a higher degree of self-sufficiency. In saying this though, my lecturers at Monash Business School have consistently been outstanding, passionate about what they teach and always happy to assist. The students studying at a postgraduate level (in my experience) are also completely different. They're studying because they value learning, they want to increase their skills and ability, and they're interested in - and often working in - the industry. My peers have really motivated me this year and taught me a lot. There are moments where I've felt out of my depth, but these have turned into my biggest learning opportunties because of the great support I've had.

I believe that my master's will make me a better Economist and I already have more confidence in my knowledge.

I have already been exposed to so many different areas within the economics industry. I currently hold a casual position assisting an economics consultancy firm with their research, investigating a wide variety of policies and industries and contributing to reports and publications. I have already been able to begin applying the knowledge and skills I have learnt in the Master's so far into my work practice. I definitely feel more capable, and look forward to contributing to my future work projects once I graduate. I'm really looking forward to the on the job learning that I'll do once employed full-time, but I feel like I've had a great head start.

I'm so excited to be able to work hard and demostrate what I've learned.

During my studies I've become inspired to look into making corporate philanthropy more efficient, and facilitating more of it, and am hoping to develop some kind of system to accommodate this. Watch this space!