Tamara Reinisch

Tamara Reinisch

Tamara Reinisch

What is your previous education and work background?
I have a Bachelor in Social Science (Psychology). I have worked in government for most of my career in roles ranging from local operations and management, state policy and now as Chief Adviser in a Statutory Authority.

Why did you decide to study the MBA? What motivated you to embark on further studies?
I felt passionate that the public sector had much it could learn from business principles and techniques.  Moving towards an executive career I wanted to be confident I possessed an array of skills, including a sharper business and financial acumen, to draw upon.

What made Monash MBA stand out?
The Monash MBA provides not only the technical skills but also support to develop as an ethical leader.

How do you think postgraduate study will help you to achieve your career goals?
The Monash MBA has exceeded my expectations in terms of the relevance and applicability of the content, the expansive network and opportunities that surrounds the program.  There is no doubt this course will assist me achieve my career goals, however it has also broadened my career sights.

What have been the highlights of your experience or a most rewarding aspect of your Monash MBA?
Through the cohort experience I have made connections that will continue to support me personally and professionally beyond the course.

What networking opportunities have your studies provided you with? The program has assisted me to reframe my intentions of networking with success.  Not only have I seen value but others in my network have drawn benefit.

What were the most important outcomes of studying your course and what specific skills and knowledge has the Monash MBA equipped you with?
My starting point for the foundational business units was very low, and therefore I have learnt immensely in business analysis and strategy from financial to marketing.  These are skills that will be an asset in any industry or role I perform in the future.

What strategies have you used to balance your studies with work, family and other commitments?
My motto has been 'Plan to work and work to plan'. I start the unit by scheduling the class hours, allocating time for reading/homework and assessment dates. I try to stick to this as much as possible.  Having honest conversations with your employer about the study peaks and work management is also critical.  My threshold for household cleanliness has also relaxed!

How much of your success to date do you attribute to the Monash MBA?
Since commencing this course, I have renewed motivation and increased confidence in my workplace and career.  I attribute this directly to the Monash MBA course.  I know I can face any challenge professionally.

Have you been able to utilise new skills gained as part of the program in your work?
Each of the units I have been able to directly input into my organisation either in the way I assess and interpret a situation, to implementing strategy aligned with organisational cultural change, and most unexpectedly data analysis.

What advice would you provide to future students who are considering studying this course?
The course is an investment from which you will see the rewards, but you need to be realistic about the commitment required.