Julia Thorpe

Julia Thorpe

Julia Thorpe

I chose Monash because it has the best graduate opportunities of any university, I also liked the teaching approach based on real-life scenarios an applicable knowledge taught by experienced lecturers and tutors with industry experience.

I enrolled in a double degree in business with majors in marketing and management. I knew very little about either marketing or management when I first started my course. I knew I liked working with people, and I think the key to success is learning how to manage them. As a result, focusing on management was fairly easily.

I chose to incorporate marketing into my studies because it's something that occurs every day and it's something that infiltrates your life, often without you even realising! It's fascinating learning about how and why people do things. It's also quite an integral factor in business success.

I have always found maths quite difficult, so the marketing research units were a bit of a personal challenge for me. However, the staff, resources, and even my peers have been extremely helpful in my success.

But one of he best things about student life is finding people with common interests and participating in the student societies.

At Monash I am involved in the MMSS and the BCSS, who both run a number of events, including corporate 'meet and greets' which give students the opportunity to talk to potential employers about what they look for in a graduate, which I've found really helpful and motivating. Apart from helping me reach my academic goals, societies also have given me a great social life – most memorably the annual Marketing Ball and the Paint Party.

I'm considering undertaking an Honours year, but at this stage I am really eager to start getting experience in the industry!