Bianca Ling

Bianca Ling

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management

Current position
Marketing and Business Development Consultant, Deloitte

Since joining Deloitte as a graduate, I have had the opportunity to work across multiple industries. I help the firm maintain a strong brand by driving the delivery of Consumer Products and Retail marketing campaigns and our team supports a range of client needs - from relationship building to managing client accounts and bids.

The best thing about working at Deloitte is working alongside a network of highly experienced individuals on truly meaningful projects. I recently worked on Deloitte’s Future of Food campaign. We explored the latest trends and opportunities for food and society and brought them to life through an immersive dining experience for business leaders in food and innovation. Other highlights include volunteering in The Deloitte Foundation and being involved in our annual Impact day.

"An open mind will open doors, and a growth mindset will enable you to learn as much as you can."

Studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash was a smooth transition from competing at an elite level in golf during my formative years as a teenager. As an athlete, you operate like a small business, with your own brand, service providers and stakeholders, so this set me up well for completing my degree.

At Monash, I developed my critical-thinking skills and gained the confidence to communicate my ideas, which paved the way for some rewarding career experiences. With an intrigue for marketing, in second year, I started a food blog on Instagram at a time when the platform was growing rapidly. It was an opportunity to test and develop my marketing skills, meet with business owners, create content for social media and build a community of food enthusiasts.

Using concepts from my degree, I built an online brand that grew from 1,000 Instagram followers in 2015 to 75,000 Instagram followers in 2019. There was huge demand from venues wanting to collaborate with us to create content and I was fortunate enough to turn my passion for marketing and food, into a social media business.

Monash University’s Alumni community has allowed me to stay connected to valuable networks and learning experiences. Recently, I had the honour of being a panellist at the Monash Student Association’s Women’s Industry Night, where I shared stories of being a woman in the workplace.

My advice to those still early in their career is to foster your hunger for learning. An open mind will open doors, and a growth mindset will enable you to learn as much as you can. Your ability to learn, reflect and adapt in multiple contexts will serve you well as you build your career.