Christian Martinez

Christian Martinez

Masters of Banking and Finance

Current position
Founder, The Financial Fox

As the founder of The Financial Fox, my aim is to help business students get their first industry job in Australia. My company is a mentoring and placement agency, which helps business students develop employability skills. We hold networking events, workshops, mentoring programs, online platforms for students and young professionals and coaching sessions.

I am originally from Mexico and completed a Bachelor in International Business. This took me around the globe for work. I had already decided I wanted to complete a master's degree and while working at the United Nations and World Trade Organisation in Switzerland, I attended a graduate fair where universites from all over the world were represented. I thought Australia looked amazing. This was also my first introduction to Monash Business School.

I completed a Master of Banking and Finance at Monash Business School. It’s provided me with invaluable and transferable skills, as well a level of critical thinking I definitely did not possess at undergraduate level.

Monash stood out to me as an obvious choice for my graduate studies for a number of reasons. Apart from its fantastic global rating, it has great facilities such as StarLab, amazing databases to create your own projects, Team Monash for volunteering, and free access to heaps of employability workshops. Plus, I love living in Melbourne!

"It’s provided me with invaluable and transferable skills as well a level of critical thinking I definitely did not possess at under graduate level."

I always knew I had an interest in entrepreneurial ventures and found The Generator services that Monash Business School offers added real value to me. They hold courses for those interested in developing or growing start up businesses, which are open to all Monash students and alumni. It’s fantastic as your ideas are put to the test but you’re also really encouraged to learn how to nurture and grow entrepreneurial ideas. I owe a large part of the progression and success of my business to The Generator Validation program.

Monash Business School also has a fantastic mentoring program. I was a mentee and it helped me immensely. I was so impacted my the program that I am now a mentor myself. It feels great to give back to the Monash community.

Additionally, I found the teaching staff amazing. They encourage you to succeed and are able to answer almost every question you have! They really are engaged with their jobs and they are committed to transmitting this enthusiasm onto you.

I’m actively involved in the Monash alumni community – they’re doing amazing things within the business environment! I hold some of my workshops at Monash Business School, so having the network of alumni has been amazing for the development of my business. In fact, just recently I was lucky enough to talk to over 200 Monash students and was really impressed by how enthusiastic they are about enhancing their employability.

It’s nice to feel it’s coming full circle!