JP Sébastien Allet

JP Sébastien Allet

Bachelor of Commerce

Current position
Business Services Accountant, CPA, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

I come from a family who has been in finance for a long time and the decision to follow a path in business came easily to me. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance and found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed it. A lot of the subjects I found very interesting, especially the way the theories I was learning related to real life applications. I also found many of the units had a research, investigative bent which, being a curious person by nature really appealed to me. The degree I undertook covered a variety of areas of accounting, finance and business law as well as electives such as marketing and units from the Arts faculty. It gave me a broader view on the world around me and exposed me to many different experiences. I think employers value that.

Monash was always one of my first choices when it came down to it. I was very aware of the importance, not just of tertiary study, but also attending a top university. I was aware of Monash as a prestigious institution that has nurtured many brilliant minds over many decades.  There are a lot of different teaching styles at Monash but one thing I can say is that all the staff were committed and had great experience both professionally and in industry. They pushed us and you always had to be ready and up to date on your reading in case you got called on.  It taught me to be proactive and this has helped not only at university but also in life overall.

"There are a lot of different teaching styles at Monash but one thing I can say is that all the staff were committed and had great experience both professionally and in industry."

While I was studying, I also undertook the BusEco Leadership program. This was not only about building leadership skills but also about networking and making genuine connections. To this day, I still have very good friendships made while doing this program and we remember it fondly. Monash has also got a really established alumni community, which has enabled me to make further  connections over time. You never know where networking will lead and I’ve always found it to be a really enriching experience, whether personally or professionally. It’s easy to connect and keep in touch in the digital age, everyone’s just a click away!

I am currently working as an Business Services Accountant, CPA for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. I never thought I’d end up in Education Management/Not-for-Profit but it’s been brilliant. Being in the NFP sector brings a sense of reward that you get nowhere else. RACS is a prestigious body advocating the advancement of surgical training and surgical care across Australian and New Zealand. We have fantastic partners that advocate for rural areas and indigenous health as well. To be part of and contribute to RACS’s mission is what drives me every day.

If I’m asked to consider what advice I would give to a current business student at Monash the first thing would be don’t be afraid to ask for help. I used to see doing this as a sign of weakness but I have come to understand it is an exercise in learning and growth. Making mistakes, being accountable and learning to identify where you went wrong is where you develop the most. It allows you to recognise what you need to improve and is the true meaning of Ancora Imparo.