Karla Bulauan

Karla Bulauan

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce

Current position
Manager, Corporate & Institutional Banking (Markets) Audit, NAB

I have always been passionate about economics. Ever since I was in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this field and began investigating the courses that would help me get there. I was attracted to the Master of Business (Economics) because it allowed me to specialise, while also allowing me enough flexibility to complete subjects outside of the core.

The benefits of studying a Master of Business (Economics) and Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce also enabled me to develop an understanding of the Australian economy from a classical, modern and unconventional lens - with the latter being crucial during the Global Financial Crisis and today.

This enabled me to get a deep understanding of financial markets, as well as the domestic and global economy, and provided me with the skills to critically analyse how developments in global economic settings impact the domestic economy and financial markets. It also enabled me to develop report writing skills, quantitative research and data analytics capabilities.

"I have always been passionate about economics."

While I was studying my Masters, I was also working at one of the big four banks as an Australian Macro and Commodities Economist, specialising in ASX and the domestic economy. Studying during this time benefited me because I was able to upskill myself and ensure my skills remained relevant, in areas such as data analytics.

As a Manager in Markets (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities), Corporate and Institutional Banking Internal Audit at NAB, I now lead a team to deliver global assignments across Australia, Asia, United States (based in New York), United Kingdom and New Zealand. As a part of my role, I manage senior stakeholder relationships and produce reports for the Board Audit Committee and Executive Management.

Last year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a personal and professional development course (similar to the positive psychology personal and professional development course offered at Monash). I learned a lot of valuable things such as the importance of having a mentor, sponsor and a growth mindset.

I am now looking forward to upskilling my team and sharing the knowledge I have acquired from my degrees and industry experience, to help build business acumen and increase capability.

Being part of the Monash alumni community has allowed me to network and connect with other alumni and I am often given the opportunities to upskill and remain relevant. My top tips to current students are:

  1. Network, connect and build relationships with fellow students - you never know what opportunities could present!
  2. Always identify opportunities where you can upskill yourself in Data Analytics and Tech - stay relevant!
  3. Do a subject outside of your core such as a professional development course - I did a positive psychology course which really benefited me when working in the industry. This is an amazing opportunity to do a professional development course which can help to equip you with skills you can use in the workplace.
  4. Take a break to recharge - It is ok to take some time between studies to get some commercial experience. Although taking a break is sometimes a big risk, after my Bachelor’s degree, I took a break and worked in the field before enrolling in my Masters. I found this beneficial because I was able to apply and approach my postgraduate studies with a commercial lens and really tailored my learning to what would benefit me in the workplace.