Mangala Prasetia

Mangala Prasetia

Mangala Prasetia

  • Degree Bachelor of Commerce Scholars Program and Bachelor of Economics
  • Current position Consultant, ShineWing Australia

I work as an Assurance and Advisory Consultant at ShineWing, a growing consulting firm with an international reputation. Working for ShineWing provides hands-on opportunities to learn and grow. No day is ever the same – my current role involves travelling to various client sites and interviewing all kinds of personalities. I have worked with a range of industries, in a mixture of teams, and built new friendships within the organisation. I have experience across external audit, information systems audit, internal audit and risk management.

My interest in economics came from my passion for policy-making and how to use business as a vehicle to maximise social wellbeing. Economics is essential to understanding how businesses operate, providing insight into individual goods and services as well as the global financial market.

Studying economics shaped the way I think about complex business problems and solve them. A double degree in Commerce and Economics allowed me to keep my options open and broadened my horizons by giving me an opportunity to address issues, applicable to a range of industries, from a macro and micro perspective. This has been highly sought after by many employers − they understand that my diverse study areas add value to their business offerings.

"My interest in economics came from my passion for policy-making and how to use business as a vehicle to maximise social wellbeing."

Monash is one of the world's top universities in Econometrics and one of few Australian universities that offer the opportunity to conduct statistics-driven economic research, which instills valuable research skills as well as an inquisitive mindset.

The academic staff at Monash are very supportive, innovating new methodologies for students to learn in an enjoyable and interactive manner. They emphasise the relevance of economics and econometrics in the real world, drawing upon real-life experiences to explain the need to develop a mixture of quantitative and qualitative business analytic skills across a wide range of sectors.

At Monash I was heavily involved in volunteering and held various leadership positions in student professional societies, including the Monash Actuarial Society and Beta Alpha Psi. I was a Monash University Student Ambassador and was involved in the Ancora Imparo and Monash Minds leadership programs.

The Monash Alumni community has given me opportunities to attend networking and professional development events and make a contribution. I have gained keen insights into industry trends and contentious discussion topics, and Monash’s diverse, multicultural alumni base has enabled me to develop cross-cultural competency, which is essential to Shinewing’s strategic mission.

My advice is to read the news and keep up to date with business trends, which will take your learning outside the classroom − being able to identify the root causes of tax policies or what actually drives fluctuations in interest rates will equip you with lifelong skills. Maintain an interest in the mathematical aspects of economics − studying econometrics and business statistics as part of your degree will open up career opportunities. Finally, polish up on your report-writing skills – use a methodical, scientific approach and cite credible sources.