Manisha Maligaspe

Manisha Maligaspe

Bachelor of Business

Current position
Oceania Transaction Advisory Services Recruitment Manager, Ernst and Young

I completed a Bachelor of Business at Monash Business School 10 years ago. I knew then that I wanted a career in business that would utilise my skills, however, at the time I wasn’t exactly sure what shape that might take. The Bachelor of Business degree offered a great general base qualification which I could use as a springboard to launch my corporate career, even though I hadn’t figured out what exactly that would look like!  I knew I had decent communication skills and wanted a people based role in an area like HR and as such, I chose broad subjects and majored in economics and management.

Throughout my career so far, I have noticed that Monash Business School is one of the first things people observe on my CV. Without a doubt, it sets me apart and has opened multiple doors when it comes to career prospects. This is because, Monash is seen as a prestigious school on many different levels. It’s renowned to have supportive staff who are recognised as SMEs in their field. Monash Business School always continue to win a plethora of awards, has an impeccable reputation and has an esteemed profile within the corporate world. It definitely gives my CV status and helps put me towards the front of the queue.

"Many people don’t fully realise what an impact great networking can have on your career and being part of the Monash Business School community can really help here."

During the last year of my degree I knew I wanted to be a specialist in a HR role, specifically within recruitment. Post uni, I worked in various recruitment roles, focusing on both lateral and graduate recruitment. I’ve been with EY now for four and a half years as the recruitment leader for our Transaction Advisory Services (Corporate Finance) practice. It’s a fantastic role which continues to provide me with great opportunities and challenges. The training and mentoring opportunities you receive at EY is world class and the firm attracts extremely intelligent professionals from all over the world so you are constantly working alongside the best in the game. As part of my role, I’m always thinking of new ways to attract diverse professionals to EY and work on many initiatives aimed towards helping our teams achieve this. My key areas of interest are attracting and engaging the best graduate talent and targeting and retaining the best female executives in corporate finance.

I’ve always been involved with the Monash Business School Alumni community. Over the years, I have attended many networking events which have been invaluable to me – for my own career progression but also the benefits that come about with being connected to your alma matter and the opportunities you have to give back and contribute. The alumni community brings together so many people from various corners of the corporate world and many people don’t fully realise what an impact these networks can have on your career and being part of the Monash Business School community has really opened these doors for me.

Working in recruitment I have a bird’s eye view of changing employment trends and what organisations are looking for. Whilst having a business degree is mandatory and an entry-level requirement for most corporate roles, there are various other skills employers are now looking for – not just a degree, but if you’re talented and have a great attitude, then you automatically already stand out!  Being part of the broader university community while studying can definitely help with this. Whether it’s networking, getting involved in clubs and societies on campus or volunteering as a mentor and giving back to society – you’re gaining skills such empathy, resilience, problem solving and the ability to adapt and work with others. These are all skill sets employers value highly and as such, advice from me to prospective graduates is ‘get involved’ right from the start!

When I think back to my time at Monash, I have many great memories. I formed some very close friendships and the opportunities that came about from being a Monash student have been second to none.