Marie Elisabeth Perrin

Marie Elisabeth Perrin

Master of Diplomacy and Trade

Current position
Advocacy and Projects Manager (volunteer), United Nations Association of Australia Victoria and Communications and Events Coordinator, Australian Catholic University

I have been working in communications and events for the Australian Catholic University (ACU) since graduating from Monash University’s Bachelor of Communication in 2010. I manage event delivery and logistical planning, social and print media, and I am the liaison for the university’s main student recruitment events. I work across the ACU's seven campuses to deliver high-quality events that inform key influencers and convert prospective students to enrolments.

I have had the opportunity to contribute to ACU’s emergence as a globally ranked public university – and now that I have been able to pursue my postgraduate studies through Monash University’s Master of Diplomacy and Trade, I am looking forward to using my skills and experience to contribute to diplomacy and international relations work.

I also volunteer on the Young Professionals Committee of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) Victoria, which allows me to pursue my passion for global change, and creating a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. I contribute to the organisation’s thought-leadership positioning and support its strategic priorities, including building awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

"My advice to Monash students is to take notice of all the services and opportunities that support your passion and interest, and find time to get involved."

My interest in international development started at Monash. I see myself as a global citizen who cares about world affairs. Diplomacy and trade can create understanding through international relations, ensuring good governance through rules and policies, and solving issues through multilateral cooperation.

Studying my masters gave me the confidence to engage on an international level, analysing and formulating foreign and trade policy. The course provided a comprehensive inter-disciplinary understanding across foreign affairs, international trade and development, and my lecturers and tutors were knowledgeable, informative, inspirational and passionate.

I was fortunate to be selected to undertake two Monash Abroad study programs. The first – a two-week study tour at the University of Santiago in Chile − covering ‘political, economic and business dynamics in Chile and Latin America’, was a privilege I will always cherish. I was inspired by the courage and resilience of the Chilean people. My second study tour – on ‘European Business and Society’ − was to Italy, and provided me with a unique opportunity to immerse in the political, economic and cultural landscape of the region.

My advice to Monash students is to take notice of all the services and opportunities that support your passion and interest, and find time to get involved. Don’t be distracted by comparisons − be captivated by purpose. Use your time wisely to work on your purpose and to accomplish your mission. Be a force for good in your family, work and life.

I look forward to being involved in international work where I can bring value to advancing Australia’s interests internationally and contribute to policies that are inclusive and sustainable for a more peaceful and prosperous world.