Morgan Stevens

Morgan Stevens

Bachelor of Business, 2018

Current position
Senior Associate – Audit and Assurance, Grant Thornton

I am currently working as a Senior Associate in the Audit & Assurance team at Grant Thornton, a mid-tier accounting firm in the Melbourne. I work with a variety of different clients across a range of industries, both listed and non-listed, each offering their own unique circumstances and challenges.

My role involves working closely with the client and the audit team to understand my client’s needs, their business operations, their challenges and key risks. Each day working in Audit & Assurance is different, which is personally why I really enjoy it.

The wonderful thing about the Monash University Alumni community is all the meaningful connections I have made throughout my Monash journey and beyond. Having a strong community has allowed me to continually network while in the industry, seeking insights into other career paths and areas of business.

Bringing together my role at Grant Thornton and my connections in the alumni community, I represent the company at recruitment events and networking evenings. Being a familiar face of the Monash Alumni community, I look to connect with future Monash Alumni and discuss whether Grant Thornton might provide the right career path for them.

I was very unsure of what my next step was following school, so I followed my love of accounting and enrolled in a Bachelor of Business at Monash Business School.

From day one, I knew that I was in the right place and have never looked back. I believe that everything happens for a reason and my three years at Monash were filled with the best experiences and memories that I will always treasure.

What attracted me to the course was the diversity in offerings. The business course gives you insight into so many areas of business and also gives you the opportunity to explore subjects from other faculties.

By not locking yourself into a specific stream of business straight away, it gives you the chance to explore and discover new areas you may have never had an interest in before. Additionally, the amount of opportunities offered during this degree including internships, overseas study opportunities and leadership program really make the degree the wonderful program that is it.

At Monash, I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved in multiple co-curricular activities including Beta Alpha Psi and the Peer Ambassador Program, as well as representing Monash Business School at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders’ Summit and attending the International Study Program in Banking and Finance.

Getting involved in co-curricular activities are the memories that I treasure most from university and the most valuable lesson I learnt was to give everything a shot.

"I will always treasure the friendships and memories I made"

Trying something new opens the door to so many opportunities. We attend university to learn but it is okay to make mistakes, as we learn from these too.

What I love most about Grant Thornton is the friendly and supportive culture of the organisation, fostering the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

I am continuously learning and developing my skills in my role and am grateful to have wonderful mentors, peers and role models to look up to in the organisation.

Working for Grant Thornton has allowed me to be involved in the audit of the Essendon Football Club. I am incredibly passionate about sport – in particular AFL – so being able to bring this passion into my work and learn more about the behind the scenes of the game of a club has been really insightful and exciting.

In the future, I'd like to go on secondment and work in the Grant Thornton's London office. This experience would give me the opportunity to work in a new country whilst pushing me out of my comfort zone and experiencing new and exciting cultures.

My top three tips:

  • You lose nothing from taking chances and giving new things a try. University affords you so many opportunities that you will never get again.
  • Make connections. University is a daily networking event, you may think you will never see these people again but every connection you make could prove to be a valuable one.
  • Enjoy it! Your time at university flies by and although it can be stressful and overwhelming, you should try to be in the moment and enjoy all of the adventures and experiences university provides you with.