Rebecca Koss

Rebecca Koss

Global Executive MBA

Current position
Executive Manager Environmental Policy & Reporting, Westpac Group

My role requires me to coordinate Westpac Group’s Environmental Reporting Program that includes a wide range of voluntary, compliance and public sustainability indices, accreditation and awards programs.

This reporting is supported by high quality, robust and consistent data and data analytics collated across the organisation to understand Westpac Group’s environmental footprint and its attainment of environmental targets publicly listed in the Westpac Group’s Sustainability Strategy 2023 and Climate Change Position Statement and 2023 Action Plan. I also engage with a wide range of stakeholders across the business in leading the development of Environmental Policy Refresh.

During my GEMBA experience, I came to recognise and identify that I could apply my sustainability leadership and knowledge from the public sector into the private sector. I tested this idea with many of my GEMBA friends who confirmed that the lack of sustainability and environmental expertise is a gap in the private sector.

The global component, combined with the future of work and digital transformation course content, attracted me to the GEMBA. It was the only course in Victoria that looked up and out to deliver a global perspective on the future of global business, economics and politics. I was keen to understand and learn about the zeitgeist, digital transformation, and how this is currently transforming business globally.

"Embrace all components of the program to challenge how you currently operate."

The overseas immersive experiences at INSEAD, CEIBS and NYU Stern were my highlights. The GEMBA cohort had a fabulous opportunity to learn from international professors with progressive and applicable academic teachings, giving us insight, different perspectives and pushing us to think beyond Australia’s exclusive economic zone.

The professional leadership development opportunities allowed us to be introspective and question our current leadership style and behaviour and how we can improve to be more inclusive and collaborative.

My employers appreciate that I can apply environment and sustainability approaches to the Westpac Group’s business model. Additionally, my understanding of digital transformation and how this can be incorporated to improve business outcomes allows me to ask the right questions before any data analytics is performed.

The advice I would give to someone thinking about studying a GEMBA is to ensure your family, friends and workplace 100 per cent support you on this growth and learning journey. The course is intensive which means you complete it faster, but you will have little time between full-time work and study.

Embrace all components of the program to challenge how you currently operate and behave in your leadership role. Question and test yourself, be open to conversations that test your status quo and be willing to change who you are as a leader.

Strategically understand how course learnings across the topics of leadership, digital transformation, the future of work and global business can influence and change the path of your future career journey. Be open to new career opportunities and pathways.