Rufimy Khoo

Rufimy Khoo

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Bachelor of Commerce

Current position
Portfolio manager, Equip & Catholic Super (Togethr Trustee)

As Portfolio Manager at Equip & Catholic Super (Togethr Trustee)’s investment team, my role is focused on researching asset classes, such as property and infrastructure asset classes. I also lead the strategy and integration of Responsible Investing and Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) into Togethr’s investment approaches. Equip & Catholic Super manage a combined fund of A$26 billion.

My enduring interest is to elevate the critical importance of sustainability within the superannuation industry at the executive, board and the wider community levels. My passion, determination and drive is to attain these higher goals and to make a difference.

Having graduated from Monash University in 2014, the one thing I thought I would miss most was the constant networking, which was easily available when you are studying. I am so glad that did not stop even after I graduated. Monash University’s alumni community created an engaged and supportive network.

I am always able to reach out to other alumni within the community to discuss topics that I am working on.

I have always been interested in the judiciary system and before starting my course I worked in several law firms as a paralegal, which gave me more insights into the day to day work. At the same time, I was always curious about macroeconomic and global news which made me pursue a Bachelor of Commerce.

I attended a lot of career seminars, and my parents educated me on working within the corporate sector and starting my own business. I believed that having both degrees in law and commerce gave me a powerful kick-start for the future. When you have lecturers and tutors from different backgrounds, they provide you with different perspectives.

Both degrees shaped me into an evidence-driven person, benefitted a curious mindset and helped me be an all-rounder. This has certainly helped me solve complex issues. With my focus now on Responsible Investing and integration of ESG, I am able to influence policy makers, companies and investors.

As part of two faculties, I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Law Student Society and Business Club. I also volunteered at AIME Mentoring Program where I mentored the younger generation and became part of their learning journey - which was very rewarding.

My employers definitely appreciate my ability to bring current insights to the business. My understanding of the current climate, combined with my legal background through a macro lens, has been extremely helpful.

The superannuation industry is most definitely a growing industry. I started at Equipsuper in 2016 and it has tripled its size in funds under management. It is nice to be a part of this growth journey and to see how everything evolves from systems and processes to strategic plans.

I appreciate and value the opportunities given to me. The company encourages us and provides the right tools to take on new challenges.

"Monash University’s alumni community created an engaged and supportive network."

One of the main projects I am currently working on is our approach to responsible investing and integrating ESG. The future drivers and levers of sustainable investing are now truly upon us, but there will still need to be an evolution of ESG from niche to mainstream investment.

Studies show that the emerging generation of investors are significantly more concerned with sustainability and impact than our predecessors. One of the biggest potential obstacles is deciding where to begin meeting those concerns. However, I am already seeing the improvement and am fortunate to be able to be driving the conversations of change on this topic while redirecting our focus on sustainability.

Companies are now becoming more global than ever. Any Australians who wish to work overseas will need to show more than technical skills. It is really important that you are culturally aware and also have an open mindset. Being able to speak more than one language has been useful, and staying on top of what’s happening around the world is key.

Throughout my time at Monash, I discovered that maintaining a balance is important. I allocated time for studying, working and having fun. My three tips to current students are:

  1. Leverage any social media and the technology you have such as LinkedIn or Monash forums and never be afraid to reach out to a lecturer, a tutor or simply someone else who is also currently studying for a catch up.
  2. Participate in at least one curricular activity – it doesn’t have to be related to what you study, it could be a hobby eg photography club, tennis or even volunteering for a cause that you believe in. This allows you to socialise with people outside of your course.
  3. Enjoy each class and lecture – be active, ask those embarrassing questions and utilise all the facilities provided. Once you enter the workforce, you will miss this!

Before choosing Bachelor of Commerce and Law, I took the initiative to speak with Monash University lecturers and tutors and attended seminars organised by Monash. I asked as many questions as I could to understand how these courses will shape my career paths.

For someone who is thinking of studying Bachelor of Commerce - you might feel overwhelmed with all the different units. But take one step at a time. Try different units in your first year to narrow down where your passion lies, and work out which area suits you.