Samantha Guttridge

Samantha Guttridge

Executive Master of Business Administration, 2017

Current position
Philanthropic Consultant

Hopes to 'crack the code' of ovarian cancer

Armed with a Global Executive MBA from Monash Business School, Samantha Guttridge's experience includes valuable philanthropic management furthering research into one of the deadliest cancers.

Recently the Senior Philanthropy Manager at Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), Samantha Guttridge says her Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) at Monash Business School set her up to lead, enabling her to join "a team that may very well crack the code on this disease".

Ms Guttridge developed and implemented the strategy for the Major Gifts Program at the OCRF, with a focus to building sustainable long-term support for innovative scientific research into ovarian cancer.

Now, after two busy years raising her son, she is currently running her own philanthropic consultancy, specialising in capital projects.

Graduating with her Executive Master of Business Administration in 2017, Ms Guttridge said she had been initially most drawn to the Executive component of the MBA.

"I wanted to ensure that I was amongst colleagues who had a similar length of experience in management roles. I knew I would learn more from my colleagues, overall, than my actual studies so this cohort experience was critical for me," she says.

"I continue to reconnect with my colleagues and know that should I ever need advice, I have a group of 20 highly intelligent people to call upon if necessary."

"You will find a support network for life"

Her MBA studies were a critical springboard into the philanthropical space, she says.

"The MBA opened me up to my own biases, taught me how to recognise them and to step forward and onward into a more diverse future, as a lead in the philanthropic space," Ms Guttridge says.

Shortly following her MBA, Ms Guttridge was invited to be a mentor in the Monash University Leadership Excellence Program, which gave her further experience to contribute to the next generation of leaders.

Since 2018, she has been a member of the Monash Business School Alumni Consultative Group and the MBA Alumni Advancement Sub-Committee.

"One of my career highlights has been working in Indigenous health – working 'out bush' in remote communities. This experience, together with my sound understanding of the Australian culture, has helped shape me into the leader I am today."

"It also prompted my thinking into how the MBA experience could further support the community space."

"My advice to prospective students who are considering the MBA? Do it, don’t look back – the time will fly and you will be so glad you did it! The cohort you end up with will open up your world and you will find a support network for life," she says.

"Couple this with world-class knowledge and think tank discussions and you will evolve both personally and professionally."