Shamron Singh

Shamron Singh

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Business Information Systems

Current position
Senior Technology Consultant, Ernst & Young

As a Senior Technology Consultant in Ernst & Young’s financial services division, my role primarily involves helping our major financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and superannuation funds, address their most pressing IT concerns.

We provide a range of technology services to our clients including digital capability uplifts, robotic process automation, IT strategy and much more. As consultants, the value we provide is built upon our ability to think critically about our client’s business problems, challenging the status quo and communicating our insights in a succinct and impactful fashion.

"Now working in a leading professional services firm, I can confidently say the knowledge and skills gained from my double degree in Commerce and Business Information Systems have allowed me to be a source of value to my team and the clients I serve."

Monash University’s alumni community has provided a fantastic forum for me to further enhance my communication and networking skills, something I use on a day-to-day basis as a consultant. Furthermore, the opportunity to have engaging conversations with a range of Monash alumni professionals has helped me develop my business acumen, gain further insights into market trends and understand the different challenges facing companies today.

The combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Information Systems was the ideal course for me, as it allowed me to combine my passion for business with a keen interest in IT. I found Commerce extremely worthwhile as it helped me develop a strong understanding of how the financial system works while also teaching me what fundamentals to consider when establishing my own personal wealth goals.

Similarly, I found Business Information Systems to be a fantastic means of gaining a holistic view of the IT industry and developing key digital skills such as systems development, programming and process improvement. What I loved about my Monash education was that it was a blend of both theory and real-world application, which was integral in shaping me into the professional that I am today.

Throughout my studies, I took part in a range of co-curricular activities, both as a means of connecting with my fellow students and as a channel to develop my soft skills. One such activity was being elected as Vice-President of the Monash Indian Cultural Society. Being part of the committee provided an opportunity to organise a range of vibrant events for the University community, facilitate an improved understanding of Indian culture and build valuable skills such as how to lead a team and manage my time effectively.

In addition to this, in my final year at University I had the privilege of being selected as a mentor for the Access Monash Mentoring program.  Through this program, I was able to provide mentorship to students from under-represented backgrounds and help guide them in overcoming some of the barriers they may face in their pursuit of higher education. This was by far one of my most rewarding Monash experiences as I was able to leverage the skills I had learnt from my studies to support the growth of others and make a difference in the community.

When completing high school, I knew I was interested in both business and IT, but couldn’t quite put my finger on which one I wanted to pursue more. After conducting some research and evaluating the tertiary offerings available to me, I landed on a double degree in Commerce and Business Information Systems with Monash as it provided a perfect harmony between my two passions.

I was also particularly attracted to the international study opportunities offered by both the Business and Economics and Information Technology faculties of Monash, which I was able to take advantage of in my penultimate year by undertaking a Winter Exchange study program in Prato, Italy.

Having graduated from my studies in 2019, and now working in a leading professional services firm, I can confidently say the knowledge and skills gained from my double degree in Commerce and Business Information Systems have allowed me to be a source of value to my team and the clients I serve.

In my opinion, a double degree is an ideal instrument for students to build knowledge in a number of different areas and foster a range of useful skills.

The diversity of academic topics and application methods helps students establish a critical thinking mindset, understand how to tackle a range of different problems and enhance their ability to work effectively with a variety of personality styles. Furthermore, completing a double degree significantly broadens the horizon of industries students may find internship and employment opportunities in.

Working for Ernst & Young has been a fantastic experience to date! Since joining the firm, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of clients in a myriad of areas such as cybersecurity, process re-engineering and financial crime. Each client had its own unique objectives, stakeholders and approach which provided an excellent avenue to diversify my toolkit of skills and get comfortable with different ways of working.

My most rewarding client experience so far would probably be getting the opportunity to lead my own workstream in streamlining the work allocation process for a global life insurer by developing and implementing an automated tool – in just my first year with the firm!

Outside of my client work, I am involved in a range of internal activities at Ernst & Young. These include designing exciting initiatives as part of the culture working group, and leading the development of our team’s social newsletter. Overall Ernst & Young is an awesome place to work, and I’m looking forward to further developing my repertoire of skills with them in the coming years.

I would like to share the following with students. Firstly, make an active effort to connect the knowledge you are learning from your degree with current activities in the market. This will help improve your understanding of how companies operate in the real world, and strengthen your ability to have meaningful conversations with professionals in a networking setting.

Secondly, be proactive in developing your data analysis and visualisation skills. Working with sets of data in an effort to derive useful patterns and insights is a fundamental part of virtually all professional roles. As such, companies find it incredibly valuable if you can demonstrate competency in uncovering these insights and communicating them in an easily digestible fashion.

Lastly, take advantage of the range of clubs and societies at Monash and get involved as a committee member. This will help you develop key soft skills such as time management, leadership and effective communication, which you cannot necessarily learn in a classroom. Mastering these skills is key to being a successful professional, regardless of what industry you aim to enter after completion of your degree.

If you’re considering studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the Monash Business School, my advice to you is to visit our campuses on our Open Days to get a first-hand look at the great community Monash provides, the quality teaching staff at your disposal and the state-of-the-art facilities all designed to ensure your success.