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The Australian Tax Teachers’ Association (ATTA) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1987, with the goal of improving the standard of tax teaching in educational institutions across Australasia.

First hosted in 1989, the ATTA conference now in its’ 30th edition, provides an environment for tax academics and industry and government professionals to share research, develop teaching practice and promote network opportunities to advance the discipline.

The Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association (JATTA) is an electronic double blind peer reviewed journal. Further information about JATTA is available here.

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Australian Tax Teachers Association (ATTA)
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Past ATTA conferences

ATTA 2017: Tax and Society
hosted by the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

ATTA 2016: Tax and Time Travel
hosted by the School of Taxation and Business Law, UNSW, Sydney

ATTA 2015: “It’s time” for change
hosted by the University of Adelaide

ATTA 2014: The Politics of Tax
hosted by Griffith University

ATTA 2013: Tax Alchemy: Turning Silver into Gold 
hosted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand

ATTA 2012: Tax Change: Convergence or Divergence
hosted by the Sydney Law School and the University of Sydney Business School, Sydney, Australia