Siobhan Gallagher

Continuity for students

How we taught, engaged and assessed students had to change fast in response to COVID-19, but many staff worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of service for students.

The work of Mrs Siobhan Gallagher from Education Services is being celebrated with a 2020 Dean’s Award for Professional Excellence, having helped the Business School evolve its e-Assessment platform and streamline its Curriculum Information Management project.

Working with the Chief Examiners to set up Moodle sites and ensure quality assurance, Mrs Gallagher led 39 units and nearly 9,000 students through online assessments, then oversaw an upgrade to Moodle Express to cope with larger class sizes.

By the end of semester 2, 2020, more than 62,000 students had sat 350 tests or exams online, 100 new units were available in fully flex mode, and the number of new winter and summer study options had been increased for students.

“Siobhan’s work exemplifies a commitment to excellent education, and her professionalism ensured the Business School was able to continue to deliver high quality education in a year of disruption,” says Karen McRae, Group Manager, Student and Education Services.