Student Recruitment

Student numbers

How did Monash Business School combat the effects of the global health pandemic on student numbers?

“With all travel cancelled and our usual recruitment channels closed, the Student Recruitment team developed new and dynamic ways to engage future and current students in Australia and around the world. This was an enormous team effort and played a critical role in the University’s recruitment and retention strategy,” says Katya Dunham, ‎Senior Engagement and Marketing Services Manager.

This work, by Ms Stephanie Hah, Ms Natalie Bridges, Mr James Collins and Ms Katherine Cashmore from Student Recruitment, has been acknowledged and celebrated with a Monash Business School 2020 Dean’s Award for Professional Excellence.

One of the major activities early on in the pandemic was to pivot all student recruitment activities online and expand the reach of the team to key source markets worldwide.

The team played an integral role in the development of resources for the Virtual Open Day and International Open Day, including the first augmented reality information session showcasing Monash College experiences and pathways, delivered in collaboration with eSol.

For undergraduate students, the team developed new multi-faculty panel webinars to showcase the breadth of our double degrees, course flexibility and options, and contributed to the second year of the ‘Big Data Challenge’ with the Faculties of Science and IT for Year 12 students interested in maths.

At the postgraduate level, the team initiated a webinar on data analytics together with the Faculty of IT, pivoted the bi-annual Graduate Information Sessions to one-on-one course advice sessions offered by video and voice calls, and contributed a wide range of webinars to the Monash Graduate Studies sessions.

The team also worked closely with Peninsula campus to increase outreach and promotion activities for the Bachelor of Business Administration.