Vince Morabito

Research for justice

Professor Vince Morabito from the Department of Business Law and Taxation is winner of the Monash Business School’s 2020 Dean’s Award for Research Impact.

His empirical study examines the more than 670 class actions filed in Australia since 1992.

By seeking to determine if Australia’s class action regimes have achieved the principal policy goal that they were created to secure – to enhance access to justice for victims of illegal conduct – the impact produced by his research has reached the courts, legislatures, and law reform commissions.

His research aims to ensure judges, lawyers and funders involved in proceedings have a clearer view of the most important dimensions of class actions, and law reform commissions and governments have accurate insight into their actual operation.

“The study has reviewed in a comparative context, whenever possible, extensive empirical data - from the overall volume of class actions and the outcomes of those resolved, to the settlement proceeds received by class members and commissions received by litigation funders,” he says.

Professor Vince Morabito has provided detailed data on numerous dimensions of the federal class action regime to the Australian Law Reform Commission, and some of this data has been relied on and cited by the High Court of Australia.

“As a result of Courts being able to protect their interests on the basis of accurate information, it’s my hope that class members represented by lead plaintiffs will benefit directly from my research, too,” he says.