Microgrid electricity market operator


To investigate the establishment of a leading Microgrid Operator which facilitates the transition to 100% renewable power, by providing value to network, market and customers, across multiple sites.


The Net Zero project team will work closely with industry and world-leading experts from Monash Business School, Faculty of Law, Faculty of IT, Faculty of Arts, MEMSI, ClimateWorks and BehaviourWorks Australia.

Monash project contributors

  • Scott Ferraro
  • Yasmina Dkhissi
  • Tony Fullelove
  • Tim Hoban
  • Rowena Cantley-Smith
  • Ross Gawler
  • Edward Buckingham
  • Gordon Leslie
  • Arthur Campbell
  • Sarah Fumei
  • Megan Farrelly
  • Diane Kraal
  • Ariel Liebman
  • Sarah Goodwin
  • Liam Smith
  • Michael Li

Project background and aims

This project aims to manage a dynamic energy network able to respond to high penetrations of renewable energy both onsite and offsite, an intelligent campus energy network (Microgrid) is being established at the Monash Clayton campus, treating each building as individual customer.

As a model of a small city, Monash is able to create a prototype of an Energy as a Service Platform that allows market participants to access the complex value streams available within a distributed renewable powered energy system and market.

In partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), the Microgrid Electricity Market Operator (MEMO) project seeks to address a gap in the current energy market, investigate the business case for the creation of these new entities and provide regulatory recommendations to address potential barriers preventing their establishment in Victoria.

Building on the investment in the assets and technology platform integration to create a market driven, 100% renewable powered Microgrid environment on the Monash Clayton campus, this Projects seeks to:

  • Understand the value creation and barriers for deployment of a Microgrid Electricity Market Operator (MEMO) in Victoria
  • Focus on addressing regulatory barriers preventing business establishment in Victoria
  • Develop a Business Plan for MEMO Pty Ltd
  • Implement Microgrid market trials on Monash Microgrid
  • Develop a roadmap to business establishment in Victoria
  • Share knowledge and findings with industry, government, community organisations and broader public.


This project is the result of a collaborative approach across the operations and research sides of the University, working closely with industry and government to inform the transition to a more sustainable future. This will build expert knowledge from the Industry and Academia to unlock solutions to today’s energy challenges.