Gender Pay Equity in Victoria


This research examines gender equality and gender pay equity in the Victorian public health sector in three professions: medical scientists, pharmacists and psychologists.


Project Background and Aims

Gender equality in the workplace is a broad concept that is capable of different interpretations depending on the discipline used to assess equality. This research utilises the disciplines of law and management to first of all determine if gender equality exists in the Victorian public health sector and then to examine what factors contribute to the existence (or absence) of gender equality. One of the key measures of workplace gender equality that is explored in this research is gender pay equity.

Specifically, this research will use empirical research to consider gender equality among medical scientists, pharmacists and psychologists by producing data on pay and position from ten public hospitals in Melbourne. Within the three professions this data will examine the impact of age, qualifications, experience, form of employment (full-time, part-time and casual), maternity/paternity leave on pay and position classification and employment flexibility for parents and carers. Comparison of the data among the three professions will be made to determine if there are similarities or differences in pay and gender equality.


This research project involves empirical research at ten public hospitals in metropolitan Melbourne. Surveys of medical scientists, pharmacists and psychologists will be conducted to create data on pay, career position and the impact of paternity leave.


This research was presented at the Australian Labour Law Association conference in November 2018 and the Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand conference in February 2019.