A message from our Director

Professor Asad Islam

The Centre for Development Economics (CDEs) conducts research on major global development challenges, such as energy, climate change, poverty, inequality and growth, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, technology adoption and diffusion, food security, education and health. The CDES researchers have a demonstrated track record of working with NGOs and governments in developing countries to influence policy. CDES has successfully attracted national and international research funds and grants.

The Centre is now on an expansion stage to ramp up its activities in a number of areas over the next five years. By 2025, CDES aims to be the leading research centre and policy think tank on development and sustainability in Australia and Asia. CDES will hire new staffs, to enhance its core research capacity, enabling it to implement some major independent research initiatives and to deepen engagement with leading academics, practitioners and policy makers around the world.

CDES will continue to build strong links with leading academic and research organisations in the world, while paying more attention to developing countries in South East Asia and neighbouring Pacific nations. It will also draw on global development experience to address issues of ‘under-development’ in Australian indigenous communities, and among other low-income people in Australia. With new leadership and additional staffs and resources, it will enhance and establish our linkage with other similar research/policy centres/think tank.