Will poverty survive the age of big data?

Research story 21st Sep 2016

Dr Simon Angus recently explored big data’s potential to end the knowledge scarcity that poverty thrives on in a TED-style talk for the Monash Studio Series.

In his talk, Dr Angus explains what big data is and how it’s being used to unlock insights that drive better decision-making and development, including the use of big trade and internet data to map the productive knowledge bases of the world, identify global hotbeds of knowledge and activity,
and highlight areas where further investment is required.

Dr Simon Angus is a complex systems and computational scientist in the Department of Economics and a member of the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability. He works in the areas of evolutionary game theory, evolutionary computation, systems biology and graph theory, and is passionate about understanding the drivers of economic prosperity. His research has been published in top journals across the physical, biological and social sciences.