Horticulture and market reforms in Pakistan

The CDES is pleased to be the Project Implementing Agency at Monash University for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project Policy and Institutional Reforms to Improve Horticultural Markets in Pakistan (ADP/2014/043).

Pakistan’s horticulture industry, one of the largest in the world, has huge growth potential in both domestic and export markets (noting that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will provide preferential access to the world’s fastest growing horticulture market). It is dominated by smallholders with strong participation of women and has a key role in the government’s development strategy.

But its present performance is well below potential, characterised by low productivity, poor quality, high wastage, and low exports. The marketing system is widely considered to be one of the main factors constraining the industry’s modernisation and development.

This project, developed in response to Pakistan government and industry requests, will investigate existing marketing arrangements, assess domestic and foreign market potential, identify main problems and, drawing on both Pakistani and international reform experiences, formulate an appropriate marketing policy reforms programme.

Project news

Modernising horticulture inspires legislative change in Pakistan
02 July 2021

An ACIAR-funded project to assist the modernisation of Pakistan’s horticultural sector has resulted in legislative change in the country’s breadbasket state of Punjab and drawn support from the office of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, raising hopes that this could be replicated throughout the rest of the country.

Policy reforms that are changing Pakistan’s horticultural sector
17 March 2021

An international project led by Monash Business School investigating Pakistan’s horticulture markets has already brought about policy changes at the highest level.

From 19 to 24 March 2018, Monash University hosted the project's mid-term workshop in Victoria, Australia.

The workshop comprised of several days of intensive meetings culminating in a very productive two-day conference in the coastal town of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.

During this time, the project team was pleased to share its research and make plans for the successful completion of the project in 2019.

On 18 and 19 September 2016, the project inception workshop was held in Islamabad, Pakistan.

It provided a valuable opportunity for participants to meet and map out plans for the project, with all looking forward to a very productive collaboration.