COVID-19 In the media

The CDES' member researchers regularly share their research insights in the media.

Below are some of their contributions and other articles about their work.

How can India revive growth?
With more than five million Covid-19 cases so far, India has announced a nearly 24 percent slump in its economy in the three months to the end of June this year. Listen to Associate Professor Gaurav Datt's conversation with BBC World News.
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COVID-19 economic impact: Indian GDP shrinks by 23.9 per cent; Australia records 7 per cent drop
Associate Professor Gaurav Datt's interview with SBS Hindi on India's GDP growth numbers for the April-June quarter
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Food insecurity during COVID-19
Research project by Associate Professor Firoz Ahmad, Professor Asad Islam, Dr Debayan Pakrashi, Tabassum Rahman and Abu Siddique
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The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the small firms in developing countries
Research project by Professor Asad Islam, Professor Margaret Triyana and Dr Xing Xia
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COVID-19 exposes India’s weak public healthcare
Professor Ranjan Ray
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GDP growth during and after shutdown: Viewed through electricity generation
Professor Asad Islam and Hashibul Hassan

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Group testing: A possible way to identify COVID-19 cases
Professor Asad Islam and Tabassum Rahman (Article in Bangla)
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COVID-19 Testing by age: A road map back to work?
Professor Asad Islam and Associate Professor Gaurav Datt
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Australia’s experience in dealing with COVID-19: Are there lessons for India?
Professor Ranjan Ray
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What if the government borrowed money and never had to pay it back?
Amidst discussions of the size of the Australian government’s fiscal response to the Covid-19 crisis, the question of how to finance the fiscal response has risen to prominence.
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Coronavirus: How to finance Australia's COVID-19 fiscal response
Associate Professor Gaurav Datt, CDES Deputy Director, and Dr Ayushi Bajaj
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You know WHO is required to fight COVID-19
Professor Ranjan Ray
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The challenges of the coronavirus crisis for developing economies
Professor Asad Islam's (CDES Director) interview with the Global Labour Organisation.
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Nine concerns about the Centre's 1.7 lakh crore package
The greatest need is to ensure speedy delivery of the committed support.
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Containing COVID-19 in Bangladesh
Professor Asad Islam, Associate Professor Gaurav Datt, and Professor Sisira Jayasuriya.
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Feeding the poorest 50 million people in Bangladesh: An alternative proposal
Professor Asad Islam (article In Bangla).
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On the virus and poor people in the world
Professor Martin Ravallion, CDES advisory board member.
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Financing of fiscal response to COVID-19: A red herring?
Associate Professor Gaurav Datt and Dr Ayushi Bajaj.
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For the poorest countries, the full danger from the coronavirus is only just coming into view
Professor Mari Pangestu, CDES advisory board member.
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