Our research

The CDES' research explores economic and social issues in the developing world, and those concerning the environment and sustainability more broadly.

Our expertise extends across several areas including growth, poverty, and inequality, health and education, gender, environmental sustainability, agricultural development. political economy and governance, and big data.

We are delighted to report that according to a ranking by The Australian newspaper, Monash is recognised as the leading institution in Australia for development economics. We also congratulate Professor Gary Magee, Deputy Director (Research) of the Monash Business School who has provided consistent support and guidance to the CDES and to development economics more broadly for being recognised as field leader in two different fields, economic history as well as history, and our colleague in the Department of Economics, Associate Professor Erte Xiao for being recognised as field leader in game theory and decision sciences.

Below is a sample of the projects our members have been working on.