A message from our Director

Professor Chongwoo Choe

The Centre for Global Business aspires to become a leading research hub in our region on the challenges, practices and potential for businesses in the global context. Our vision stands on three pillars: multidisciplinary research, research with impact and relevance, and research in the global context.

Much of our engagement and research is done through various networks that we form by bringing together researchers from diverse disciplines and other stakeholders. Each network is a platform where people with similar research interests can join, interact, and collaborate. Our current research covers several key areas in economics, management, and business law. The structure of our research networks is dynamic and evolving. We welcome significant new research themes and will provide support where possible.

Following the change in the Centre’s leadership and organisational structure in 2019, we have beefed up our research focus on the digital economy and governance. Our interest in the digital economy is natural given the fundamental changes that digital transformation has been bringing to the global economy at breakneck speed. Our focus on governance is broad, encompassing not only corporations but also not-for- profit organisations, governments and regulators. We have also introduced more focus on our region. The CGB’s networks now cover three of Australia’s top-four trading partners (China, Japan, Korea) and South Asia.

In the years ahead, we will identify and expand our core research networks and collaborate with some of the leading research centres in the world. We will also endeavour to dovetail some of our current projects and develop measures of corporate social responsibility and other aspects of governance for Australian businesses in a way that is open, transparent and can be subjected to public scrutiny. If you are interested in collaboration, please do reach out, or better yet, join us.